Alley of classics
Alley of classics

“Alley of Classics”, as it was called by locals, is one of the first sculptural complexes in the city and is located in the Mariupol City Garden.

Among the 12 busts located along one of its central paths: Gorky, Mayakovsky, Chernyshevsky, Lomonosov, Tolstoy, Mendeleev, Michurin and Pavlov. The idea of ​​the project originated in the postwar years and belonged to the director of the Mariupol Society of Artists Pavel Taraman. Ivan Barannikov, Fedor Kyriazi, Vasyl Borisanov, Vasyl Gudkov, as well as the world-famous Art Deco representative Georgy Lavrov. All these artists worked on the busts.

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