Many people dreamed of feeling the role of Robin Hood. Now everyone can easily make their dream come true and indulge in childhood.

In Mariupol, such an opportunity is provided by the Donetsk Regional Archery Federation, which is actively functioning. The federation has a lot to be proud of, because in recent years its participants have won more than dozens competitions, and more than a dozen young (and not only) archers have received the title of candidate for master of sports.

For those who consider archery as a great way to have fun, there is a shooting range, where in addition to the bow you can also shoot a crossbow. The service is paid – UAH 30 for 10 shots.

Those who have long gravitated to the art of shooting, can enjoy the opportunity to attend a free trial training with an instructor and any type of bow: traditional, Olympic or block. After that there is an opportunity to become a member of the federation and continue classes. In this case, you will need to pay a membership fee of UAH 350 per month, which will allow you to attend 8 full training sessions during the month.

Archery differs from other sports and active recreation by the absence of any restrictions for potential shooters. Everyone can hit the target, physical data has no effect. There are no clear age restrictions either, children from the age of 6 and the elderly can take up the bow. It’s never too late to start!

Instructors of the Donetsk Regional Archery Federation also work with disabled people of different groups. Neither scoliosis nor lack of vision will prevent shooting, because modern bows help to overcome barriers and give joy in every case.

It is possible to conduct training in outdoor shooting.

Address: 11A Kronstadtskaya Street

Phone number: +38 (098) 598 07 20

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