Best places for fishing
Best places for fishing

It is no secret that fishing is one of the favorite activities of residents of Mariupol. This is a time to isolate yourself from the daily hustle and bustle, sit with friends, family, friends and relatives, Cook kebabs and have fun. Fishing gives you a sense of calm and harmony, because while waiting for a bite, you rest physically and mentally.

Our region is famous for good places for fishing, but the coast of the Sea of Azov is especially popular, because unlike Rivers and lakes, the fishing season at sea never ends. Walking along the city beach, you can always see fishermen sitting waiting for a fresh catch. Gobies, Ram, pelengas and even sturgeon are found in the waters of the Azov region. the choice is large and every angler will be able to find fish to their liking.

The Bank near the Kalmius River, which stretches from Metallurg Ave. to Extreme Park, is in great demand among fishermen. Fishing in this place is ideal for those who like to meet sunrises and see off sunsets. You won’t leave here empty-handed, a minnow or pelengas will definitely get hooked!

Another favorite place of City Fishermen is located in the old part of the city behind Gavannaya street, on the shore of the sea of Azov. This is a great place to make new acquaintances, forget about the problems of the daily hustle and bustle, and of course, get a trophy in the form of a small silver carp or even a mirror carp.

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