Bicycle rental places
Bicycle rental places

Bike sharing or bike rental are great services that allow those who do not have their own two-wheeled eco-friendly transport to enjoy our city.

The service is sure to please people who do not like to do maintenance on their own or those who have nowhere to store a bicycle. It is also a great opportunity to try your hand and different models before buying a bike for yourself.

Are there bicycle rental places in Mariupol? Of course! They all offer different models of bicycles, different prices and conditions of use. Everyone can choose the option that will satisfy him.

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The most popular place is the Extreme Sport bicycle and tourist equipment store in the Primorsky district of the city, which offers bicycles and accessories for rent from the American company Trek, the largest manufacturer of new bicycles and a leader in the bicycle industry.

Pledge: UAH 350-5000 or UAH 600 and personal document (driver’s license / passport of a citizen of Ukraine / passport of a citizen of Ukraine for travel abroad / vehicle registration certificate).

Cost: 2 hours – 80 UAH, 3 hours – 110 UAH, 4 hours – 140 UAH, 1 day – 220 UAH, 1 week – 900 UAH.

Address: 164 Nakhimov Avenue

Work hours: 10:00 – 19:00

Phone number: +38 (067) 621-57-82

Another bike rental point surprises with its variety: urban models, bicycles for teenages, women, sports, children. Currently, the service works only by appointment and has no physical rental point, but address delivery of bicycles and accessories works.

Pledge: lease agreement and driver’s license/passport of a citizen of Ukraine for travel abroad.

Cost: 1 hour – 50-100 UAH, 1 day – 120-350 UAH, 1 week – 800-2200 UAH.

Phone number: +38 (068) 878-90-50

For those who are using bicycle rental services for the first time, it is important to remember that it is necessary to return the bicycles on time, because you will have to pay extra rental time and monitor their condition, because it is the tenants who are financially responsible for maintaining transport.

Rents may be denied if there are doubts about the authenticity of identity documents, minors and people intoxicated with alcohol or drugs.

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