Monument of Vysotsky
Monument of Vysotsky

The character of the popular in the USSR mini-series “Meeting place cannot be changed” Gleb Zheglov, played by Vladimir Vysotsky, settled down near the Communication House. This monument has an unusual history.

The first monument to Vysotsky was erected in 1898 – to the 60th anniversary of the famous poet, actor and musician. It was the first monument to Vysotsky in Mariupol and in Ukraine. The authors of the sculpture were Yukhim Viktorovich Harabet and Yuri Ivanovich Baldin. At first Vysotsky was depicted in the stage image of Hamlet, the Prince of Denmark – one of his most famous roles in the theater on Taganka.

In 2003, it was decided to replace the Vysotsky-Hamlet stele with a sculpture of an actor as Gleb Zheglov. Hamlet moved to the Square of Warriors-Liberators in an updated design of Mariupol sculptors Vladimir and Igor Zhigulin. The new monument has been plagued by troubles since its installation. 2-meter Vysotsky from a synthetic compound held in his hand a “black pistol”, which was broken off several times. Deciding not to try their luck, they did not restore the pistol. As a result, Zheglov remained unarmed.

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