Pishchanyi beach
Pishchanyi beach

Pishchanyi beach (or “Pishchanka”, as the people of Mariupol call this place) is the highlight of the city of Mariupol. After all, the most beautiful thing in the city is the warm Sea of ​​Azov.

This beach has everything you need for a wonderful summer pastime. Also on “Pishchanka” there is no shortage of canopies, locker rooms, benches and deck chairs. Anyone who wishes can enjoy the beautiful fine sand and clean Sea of ​​Azov. The quiet atmosphere distinguishes this beach from the Central. There are no railway tracks, so your vacation will not spoil the constant movement of trains.

It is important that this beach has a beautiful view of the commercial port, so you can watch the ships for a long time.

By the way, “Pishchanka” is located much further than the Central beach, but the fact that it is almost outside the city space, makes this beach more attractive to residents and guests of the city.

Every summer, this amazing part of the city is visited by a huge number of locals, for whom a holiday with sunbathes has become a tradition. In addition, the beach became the venue for the largest music festival in Mariupol – MRPL.fest.

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