Sculpture “Metallurgist”
Sculpture "Metallurgist"

The sculpture “Metallurgist” is the legendary steelmaker who meets all visitors at the entrance to the city from Volnovakha and has been strongly associated with Mariupol for almost 40 years.

The business card of the city was not invented by Mariupol residents. The statue was commissioned from the Art Foundation of the USSR in 1969. The authors were sculptor Beroev and architect Yurkevich. It was made of aluminum at the Experimental Sculpture and Production Plant of the Moscow branch of the Art Fund.

A 14-meter monument in the Kalmius district symbolizes the industrial power of the city. Initially, it was planned to be surrounded by a pair of pylons with seagulls, but instead a stele with the name of the city appeared next to the steelmaker. Recently, the symbol of Mariupol has become the subject of thematic art installations. The steelmaker was already dressed in an embroidered shirt for the holidays and warmed with a scarf with an Azov pattern.

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