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Vezha – is a creative space based on one of the historical symbols of the city – the centenary water tower, where interesting concept festivals, exhibitions, lectures and other events are held.


Working hours: 10:00–21:00

Address: 36 architect Nielsen Street, Mariupol

Phone number: +38 097 618 40 85

Ground floor

On the ground floor of the water tower there is a tourist information center with a souvenir shop, a bookstore and a ticket office.

At the reception you can get interesting information about Mariupol: what attractions  are there, where to stay, where you can have dinner, learn about upcoming city events and book a tour of the city or the “Vezha”. An infobox also can give some useful information about the city, tourist routes, etc. Here you can buy interesting educational, modern fiction and nonfiction literature, or to buy some souvenirs with the Mariupol brand.

Second floor

This floor greets you with an old sign “Providence N.P.” on the surface slab. Now there is a coworking space in the city center with all the amenities for a comfortable work. There are  zoned workspaces with free wi-fi, a flipchart, a whiteboard, a projector, a cozy world of windows during the day or table lamps in the evening, and a laptop rental.

The working environment in a heritage-listed building can totally inspire anyone for great work.

Third floor

 There is a free library on the third floor. During working hours, there is a book-crossing system for book-lovers: you can exchange a book from your own library for something that “lives” in the Vezha. Also on this floor there is a stylized photo zone “Nielsen’s Table”. Moreover, the third floor is an exhibition space.

Fourth floor

 A floor that makes you breathless from its contradictory magnetic space and comfort. This is where the city’s best photographers take the best sunset photos. This is the floor where you can feel the history of the building, because it contains a part of the old cistern for storing water and a piano of mysterious origin.

The fourth floor is also the heart of the events of the cultural and tourist center. Fascinating lectures, master classes, excursions in a virtual reality helmet, film screenings, musical events, meetings and discussions of issues important for the city – everything is organized here.

Fifth floor

The fifth floor welcomes visitors who are tired of the long overcoming of the steps of the four previous functional halls of the center with an incredible location for memorable, unusual and truly atmospheric photos. Only the spiral staircase drives the aesthetes and hunters for atypical shots and angles crazy.  A large number of photographers every day ask the administration to book time for a photo session precisely for the sake of a “stunning foreplay” in front of the observation deck.

Sixth floor

Previously, it was the highest point of the city, and later became the highest and most convenient observation deck. To get here, you need to climb 157 steps! Most of the guests of the cultural and tourist center, despite other interesting events and excursions in the schedule, designate it as the purpose of their stay in the “Vezha”, because of the incredible and unique view of Mariupol opens up from here. The city opens up in full view, and everyone can see the sea of Azov, urban and industrial landscapes at once.

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