The municipal commercial enterprise m.EHUB was created on the basis of Tourism Department of the Mariupol City Council in February 2019. It has been rapidly expanding and constantly presenting new large-scale initiatives ever since, visibly transforming the city’s cultural landscape.
Targets and goals
If you give the m.EHUB acronym a proper look, you’ll see the priorities of the enterprise encrypter pretty accurately. M stands for Mariupol, E stands for events, H stands for history, U stands for urban, and B stands for brand. 5 cornerstones of the project.
M.EHUB sees its goal in the development of the local tourism industry, creating new tourist magnets, routes and navigation, preserving of Mariupol’s historical heritage and culture, as well promoting the city’s brand.
One of the most successful m.EHUB projects to date is the «Vezha» cultural and tourist center, located in the building of the former water tower and famous for its exhibitions, festivals and thematic events.
Maria Sleta – project manager and coordinator
Victoria Davva – Head of Tourism Development
Alexander Lehter – Deputy Director
Denis Bolgarov – Head of Promotion Department
Maria Kutnyakova – Chief Specialist in Public Relations and Press
Katerina Kadurina – Senior Specialist in Public Relations and Press
Anastasia Belskaya – editor of the “Mariupol — a tourist city” website, journalist
Karina Semenenko – designer
Diana Novikova – Event Planner
Anna Baranova – Accountant
Kristina Khancha, Alexandra Malashchenko, Anastasia Khudorley, Diana Tokareva, El Taulinova – administrators of «Vezha» cultural and tourist center 
Address   — 70 Mira Ave., Mariupol, Donetsk region, 87500
E-mail — [email protected]
Phone — 097-618-40-85, 050-971-95-87
Website — https://mistomariupol.com.ua

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