Mariupol Museum of Folk Life
Mariupol Museum of Folk Life

Opened in 1989, the Museum of Folk Life combines the history and spirit of the inhabitants of the Azov region of various origins: Ukrainians, Greeks, Jews, Germans, Russians.

Each of the five exhibitions dedicated to local ethnic societies vividly recreates the way of life of the people who settled here in the XVIII-XIX centuries: from tools and utensils to national costumes and home interiors. It is a great place for those of you, who want to see a real Ukrainian spindle or enjoy the fruits of traditional pottery. “Life and culture of the Ukrainian population” is waiting for you. Do you know what “tohma” is? Find out in the section “Greeks of the Azov Sea”. Interested in celebrating Hanukkah? Go to “Life and culture of the Jewish population.”

фотографiя експозицiї з нацiональним українскьим одягом

The museum is open from Wednesday to Sunday. Working time: 09:00 – 17:00

Address: 87500, Mariupol, Georgievskaya str., 55

Telephone: (062) 933-54-34

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