MRPL City fest
MRPL City fest

MRPL City fest is one of the largest music festivals in eastern Ukraine. Every year the festival is held on the beach, which is located near the Mariupol port. The industrial appearance of the port makes the atmosphere even more unusual.

MRPL City fest brings together different currents of modern electronic, pop and rock music and performers from both Ukraine and Europe. Every August on the beach “Sandy” you can enjoy a musical drive around the clock.

The festival has been held since 2017. Every year something new appears, so the event surprises guests every time. In addition to explosive music, the festival includes lounge areas, attractions, food court, art installations and many other locations. Visitors also have the opportunity to take part in workshops, sports games and water entertainment. For non-resident guests of MRPL City on the territory there is a tent camp with all amenities.

Traditionally, there are 4 stages on the beach – Port, Cargo, Sigma, Ark.

The portal ranked the MRPL City festival among the top 10 best music festivals in Ukraine.

MRPL-fest is an event that surprises and fascinates, an event that unites several countries with music, an event that is a good start to your summer!

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