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Alaska Center: where to go skiing in Mariupol
Alaska Center: where to go skiing in Mariupol
Alaska Center in Mariupol is a whole complex of active recreation. This complex was opened in 2010 and continues to be the center of attention of tourists and residents of the city. Almost all types of active recreation are collected here. Everyone will be able to find entertainment to their liking here. The center works mostly  during two seasons. In winter, downhills for skiing are available. Both descents are made in such a way that even a beginner can feel comfortable. For beginners, the Alaska Center offers the services of an instructor who will professionally teach you how to ski. Also there is a cafe, which is also located in the complex. Mariupol is a tourist city • Alaska Center: where to go skiing in Mariupol In summer, the center can be considered the best place to spend your weekend. There is a paintball court, a rope park, trampolines, as well as playgrounds for tennis and basketball. For young guests of the complex there is a special children’s park. Alaska Sports Complex can easily be called the best place in town for outdoor enthusiasts and more. Be sure to visit the “Alaska Center” if you want to fill your vacation with vivid emotions and impressions. Work hours: 12:00 – 22:00 Address: Mariupol, Granitna street, 121 Phone number : +38 050 368 9268

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