Mariupol quest rooms
Mariupol quest rooms

You are locked in a room with mysterious messages on the walls, which your predecessor probably wrote in blood, and a box in the shape of a skull on the table. The timer has already started to count down to 60 minutes: if you do not get out with their end, the crazy kraken will break free and eat you. Well, he won’t eat – but he could.

Quest room is, without exaggeration, the best way to have fun and challenge yourself at the same time. We will expose the murderers, escape from prisons, look for ways to alternative realities and stop the apocalypse. Fascinating plot, intricate puzzles, realistic special effects and stylish entourage are provided.

We tell you where to go in Mariupol for the most intricate puzzles in the best traditions of “Nancy Drew” and the most interesting plots worthy of Stephen King’s plots.


In the quest project “Izoliatsiia” are dozens of locations across the country. Want to get out of the cursed tomb of the Egyptian pharaoh along with other unfortunate archaeologists? No problem. Ever wondered how long you would last in a post-apocalyptic world? Now let’s find out, count the time.

There are only four quest rooms in Mariupol so far – but which ones. What is “Receiving Brain Law” worth, where you will find a difficult choice between reality and fiction. Stumble at least once, and stay forever in a room with soft walls.

Our personal leader is a Carroll extravaganza called “Visiting the Hatter”. A room full of quirks, white rabbits and smiles without cats will make anyone feel like Alice in Wonderland.

Passing time – 60 minutes. Number of participants – from 2 to 4 people.

Address: Zaporizhzhya highway, 2, shopping center “Port City”

Phone number: 073-164-00-02, 068-866-21-00, 095-102-92-93

Cost: 400-550 UAH


XRoom is another veteran of  “room” quests, which has been working for over 3 years and has opened dozens of rooms in Ukraine. There are only two of them in Mariupol now, but you just have to visit both of them.

There is a “Bank Robbery”, in which participants will get the role of insidious criminals. The only problem is that your accomplice has been arrested, and there are 60 minutes left before all the codes are changed and the police arrive. Time is running out, so start looking for a way out.

Next on the course – “Hide and Seek in the Dark”, which will take place … you’re right, in complete darkness. Participants are divided into two groups, one of which needs to find a safe space, and the other – to find opponents. But first you need to overcome all obstacles and your own fears. Bonus: stylish special effects.

Passing time – 60 minutes. Number of participants – from 3 to 8 people (depending on the quest).

Address: Mira Ave., 87A.

Phone number: 097 044-03-29 095 070-94-79

Cost: 350-900 UAH


In the quest room Zastenok you can finally fulfill your childhood (well, or in some cases, adult) dream, becoming the hero of “Harry Potter”. We will solve puzzles, study spells and find a way out of enchanted rooms in a completely magical environment. The version of the script will be simplified especially for children.

Passing time – 60 minutes.

Address: Kuindzhi Street, 66

Phone number: 096 328 18 35

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